Cypherspace Internet Security

Cypherspace Internet Security is an applied cryptography consulting company.

Types of cryptography related work Cypherspace Internet Security team will undertake:

design, review, implement: product accreditation related: past work, cypherspace team members have:

The work ranges from 10,000 line plus library code, writing CC Security Target documentation and providing a consultant as technical contact for accreditation, to a few hours well placed advice for programmers trying to coax buggy crypto software to inter-operate. Over the last 5 years we have worked on dozens of projects, to date all have been through word of mouth (this web page is a recent addition).

Our wealth of experience with diverse cryptography related systems often means we have answers to what appear tough problems ready to hand. Experience with system weaknesses and the cryptographic literature means protocols we design use proven constructs, and avoid re-introducing known flaws and common traps for the unwary.